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Rejuvenating Breakfast Smoothie

We’ve all had them. The nights you drink one too many glasses of wine and the mornings that follow. You may think the only thing that’s going to get you up and at-em is a reducedfat turkeybacon Starbucks breakfastsandwich and a mammoth size coffee, but allow me to offer a different solution.

Now I make this smoothie for breakfast pretty often anyways (if I’m not juicing), but I find you can especially tell its effects when you need that extra morning boost. It’s easy on your stomach, only has three ingredients, and takes less than 5 minutes to make including washing your blender. Plus, I can pretty much guarantee or your money back you’re going to feel much better with this in your stomach than the breakfastsandwich.

Breakfast Smoothie

Rejuvenating Breakfast Smoothie


2 handfuls spinach (bagged, pre-washed)
1/4 cucumber (peeled and cut into chunks)
1 banana


Blend all items together on the puree setting. Enjoy! I find I really only need half a banana at this point, but I prefer it to taste a little more veggie-like. Made with the full banana, it’s nice and sweet, with a cooling and replenishing taste from the cucumber. You won’t even taste the spinach but your body will sure feel the difference. Hope some of you give this a try!

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