The Best Thing I Ever Ate

I loved reading your guesses for which were the lies and which were the truths. The best is that my mom didn’t know the answer either, but that’s because I’m so tricky!

The answer is: #6. My favorite meal I’ve ever had was ham and cheese on a roll.

Food Network has this new show, “The best thing I ever ate” that follows the channel’s stars around the world to see all their favorite meals. The commercials specify it’s not what you eat every day, it’s not the most outrageous thing you ever ate, it is, by the stars own definition of “best,” the best thing you ever ate.

That’s what got me thinking. When traveling in Asturias, in Northern Spain, I hiked up a snowy mountain with my professor and class in the drizzling, cold rain – up to a farmhouse where my professor’s friend waited with prosciutto cured from the farm’s pigs, chunky, spreadable blue cheese made on site with milk from its cows, and crunchy yet soft baguettes. This simple sandwich is without a doubt, “the best thing I ever ate.”

Instead of passing on the award, I’d love to hear your stories of the best thing you ever ate. If you want to email pictures, I’ll run it as a guest post ( or just leave your story in the comments.

I’ll leave you with my favorite thing I’m eating right now. Marinara pizza topped with fat, briny capers and fresh, crunchy arugula. I had it for the first time at Tony’s, my go-to SF pizza spot. Tony’s Web site claims he’s won numerous awards for his sauce, and I believe it. It’s incredibly authentic and sweet without being too sweet. Combine that with cooked capers and peppery arugula and you’ve got a winning combination.

Make it yourself with TJ’s whole wheat dough, Muir Glenn organic tomato sauce, canned capers, and local arugula, which should just be appearing in your farmer’s market. Let your pizza broil on high for a minute or two at the end to get that wood-fired look. Top with arugula.

So let’s hear it! What’s the best thing you ever ate?

7 responses to “The Best Thing I Ever Ate

  1. I KNEW it was the ham and cheese…that is so out of character…that it would be the trick answer…
    Since you never had meat in your life until you went abroad to Spain…it must have tasted incredible. I always loved a good ham and cheese back in the day too.
    As far as the best thing I’ve ever eaten? There are just too many choices…but Thrasher’s French Fries are right up there…

  2. If I ever have the chance to eat the sandwich you described it might be up there on the list, that sounds amazing…gosh, best thing? Hmmm I don’t even think I can nail it down to one thing! I’m going to think about this!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love the quote!

    The best thing I ever ate was chocolate chip cookie dough coconut milk (dairy free) ice cream. So delicious!

  4. pici pasta in tuscany!

  5. Wow, that sounds like such a fun adventure! And great food to boot!

    I seem to be really indecisive as to what my favorite thing I’ve ever eaten is. I may have to think on that one and get back to you…there’s too many!

  6. Yes! We visited La Sagrada Familia and it was incredible! I especially loved the inside.

    Have you traveled in Spain a lot?

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