Back from Hiatus aka Springtime Pasta Primavera

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. How long? I forgot my password to WordPress long. True story. I had to try it three times; good thing WordPress doesn’t lock you out.

Somehow, I have no problem remembering how to log into CBS Sportsline to check my doomed bracket. How doomed? Better than the girl in my office who went to Gonzaga, better than the President’s, but still Lousiville and Kansas in the final four doomed. Wow, that Louisville pick was harder to admit than I expected.

But, as I’m an eternal optimist, let’s look on the bright side!

Kenzie, from A Healthy Purpose, (and also from my hometown), gave me the Creative Writer award! Thank you, Kenzie! You reminded me why I spend time away from my kindle, HBO, the gym, happy hour, and my boyfriend (in no particular order) to blog. Because it’s creative. And fun spending time with you all. (Awards at the end. I’d love to say “After the jump” but let’s face it, my blog structure isn’t quite up to that yet.)

Also on the bright side, I have a springtime favorite of a recipe to share with you. I’ve made this same recipe with dozens of variations so apologies if the instructions are less than exact. It looks intimidating when you see all the ingredients, but really, it’s very simple on the seasoning (garlic + lemon) and can be made with anything that looks good at your farmer’s market this spring. Just don’t leave out the arugula and the cherry tomatoes – they make it.

Springtime Pasta Primavera

Serves 2 very hungry people


1/2 box whole wheat linguine
Dried oregano
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
3-4 cloves garlic
White wine (optional)
Veggie broth (can use Chicken for a sweeter flavor)
1 large juicy lemon
2 small broccoli crowns, cut into bite sized florets
1/4 red pepper, julienned
1/4 green pepper, julienned
1/4 onion, sliced into strips
2 small zucchini
1 generous handful arugula
About 20 small cherry or grape tomatoes

Set a pot of water to boil for the pasta.

Heat about 1 tbs. olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Drop in the garlic cloves and cook until golden and starting to brown. Pour in white wine until there is about an inch liquid in the pan. If not using, use veggie broth. Add a good amount of dried oregano and let simmer on low-medium heat so the alcohol can burn off. As it reduces, add the veggie broth to keep the sauce at about 1-2 inches deep, continue simmering until ingredients are ready.

Meanwhile, arrange all your sliced veggies on a baking tray, excluding the zucchini (they cook faster). Bake at 350 degrees until broccoli are starting to become tender but still slightly crisp and raw (about 7-10 minutes). Your sauce should just be coming together at this point.

Drop your pasta in the boiling water. Cook according to package instructions. Strain, reserving 1/4 cup starchy cooking liquid.

While pasta is cooking, add the zucchini to your baking sheet and broil on high until the broccoli are nicely crisped and all veggies are tender (about 5-7 minutes).

While veggies are crisping, squeeze half a lemon into your sauce, and add another tbs of olive oil. Throw the cherry tomatoes into the sauce so they’ll warm up and be nice and juicy when you bite into them.

When pasta is done, mix pasta, reserved liquid, and arugula right in your saucepan. Use tongs to coat pasta evenly. Your arugula will start to wilt. Remove saucepan from heat. Add veggies and mix using tongs. Squeeze the other lemon half over the pasta; season with salt and pepper.

Phew, I forgot all the moving parts to that dish! But it comes together very quickly – the longest time is spent chopping and you can do that ahead of time.

For the Creative Writer award, you have to name seven things about yourself, six untrue. Assuming I have any readers other than my mom left after my hiatus, I invite you to guess which one is true.

1. I was on my high school junior varsity basketball team.
2. I had my first beer when I was 15.
3. I’ve always wanted to visit Asia.
4. I hated tofu as a child.
5. I had an enviable attendance record in college.
6. My favorite meal I’ve ever had was ham and cheese on a roll.
7. My college freshman year roommate was goth.

Thanks for reading such a lengthy post. It feels great to be back.


7 responses to “Back from Hiatus aka Springtime Pasta Primavera

  1. glad you’re back!
    i would say wanting to visit asia would be true. why wouldn’t you?!

  2. That pasta primavera looks really good. I made a version of that a couple weeks ago, but I think yours looks better. I may be stealing it, soon!

    I bet you had your first beer at 15. And I would commend your bad-ass-ness.

  3. The primavera looks wonderful. I’m going to go with #4.

  4. YUM!! That looks fabulous! Glad to see you back and LOL at forgetting your password haha

  5. Primavera looks great!
    Glad that you are back from hiatus.

  6. Well I know some of them that aren’t true. But I’m betting that it’s a trick question. I simply don’t know the answer! Loving the recipe though…and I’m sure I’m not the only reader left….

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