A Sunny Day in Alcatraz

Funny. We live in DC for 3 1/2 years and it barely snows more than 2 inches at a time. The first winter we’re away, and DC turns into Syracuse overnight.

Meanwhile, G and I were lucky enough to have a DC native in town. We were worried it might rain on our parade, but apparently all the moisture in the air was otherwise engaged.

View from our balcony ... the same day.

We took advantage and visited Alcatraz, a place G has always wanted to go and I have never wanted to go. I thought it would be scary, boring, and crowded. It’s actually one of the more beautiful places we’ve visited since we came to San Fran. The audio tour (included in the cost of the ferry) was really fun to follow, not boring at all.

Looking out over the prison recreation yard. From the top step, the prisoners could look out at the amazing views and see everything they were missing.

I never thought of Alcatraz this way, but it’s actually a sanctuary for birds and hosts amazing plants nurtured on the island from its various inhabitants. Check out the size of this calla lily!

I was most struck by how close the island (and prison) is to the city. On New Year’s Eve, if the wind was blowing a certain way, the prisoners could hear the sounds of the yacht club across the bay – women laughing, glasses clinking. Crazy.

View of the city.

“If you disobey the rules of society, they send you to prison; if you disobey the rules of the prison, they send you to Alcatraz.”

Hm, doesn’t sound half bad.

5 responses to “A Sunny Day in Alcatraz

  1. Oh, I have not been to Alcatraz since I was a kid and this brings back memories. I want to take hubby this spring, looks beautiful.

  2. Aww You look so cute!! How fun you went there!! I have never been I have lived here for umm 27 years haha! Hey we should make plane to meet at farmers market or the the Thursday night science academy nights or something one of theses days!! Or once baseball season rolls around I am a permanent fixture at the par haha!! YAY for nice San Fran days!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go there! (is that weird? ha)

  4. Now I can convince your father to go!! give him a bird and a flower and he’s happy! Love the post…I mentioned to your Dad yesterday, “Our kids lived here all their lives, they move away and we have the most historic snowfall ever in DC !” “they won’t be able to say they were here for it!”.

  5. Such a beautiful day! I’ve never been to SF, now I want to visit even more =)

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