Not Perfect

Dan from Casual Kitchen tweeted recently about this post on how to be a better blogger. The message is, “Be a Real Blogger, Not a Perfect Blogger.”

I’m definitely guilty of prattling on about health food like I eat awesome all the time when really, I love french fries and have been known to polish off an entire basket by myself. Especially with the healthy living blogs it’s hard to read all about how perfect everyone is (or maybe just seems to be) and not just gloss over my penchant for french fries and beer.

So in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll reveal that G and I just made it to Ikea bought a bedroom set. Yes, we have been living in this apartment for over two months and basically sleeping on the floor. There are a lot of excuses for this, but the real reason is probably that we frekin’ love football season and when you spend all day Sunday at the bar, it doesn’t leave much time for Ikea.

Perfect bedroom set?

Eh, not exactly. Once we messed this up it was too late to change it. I blame Ikea and their completely incomprehensible directions. Plus it took us all week to actually open the box and put the bed together so despite having ample time during the week, we continued to sleep on the floor.

Perfect dinner?

Maybe if I hadn’t eaten like half a bag of these afterwards.

Hope this empowers you to go out there and be as un-perfect as you want this week.

9 responses to “Not Perfect

  1. This is a great point about being real! I try to be real but it’s so easy to just omit that extra piece of cake…
    What a lovely bedroom set! I love Ikea! Yet another thing I miss about California… oh well!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. This post really rings home with me– I’ve been thinking a lot about this issue lately (blog comparison, life comparison, health and fitness comparison, etc.). Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks for spreading the word, LC!

    I think it’s a lot easier to avoid comparison issues with blogging if one keeps in mind that it should all be about sharing: sharing insights, sharing ideas, sharing experiences, or sharing questions with your readers. In my opinion, that makes it a lot easier to avoid getting caught up in who has more pageviews or who’s life looks better, etc.

    Casual Kitchen

    • Someday, Dan, you are going to have to share how you manage to keep up with so many things happening around the blogosphere! I am continually impressed.

  4. Get your brother over there to help you fix it! I like the furniture though, good choice.

  5. Great post…I should put some of my more terrible photos on the site and not just my good ones! Thanks for the link!

  6. Love what you said about real bloggers vs. perfect bloggers. I totally fall into the trap where I blog so infrequently b/c I want everything to be “Martha” perfect before I “exhibit” my posts. Thanks for the encouragement- love you blog!

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