Vegan Dinner Eats Take Three

Continuing the theme of poaching other people’s vegan recipes, last night I made Gena‘s Red Quinoa and Root Vegetable Pilaf. If that doesn’t sound like health food, I don’t know what does. Isn’t it so colorful?

I have to give G major props to being totally open to trying everything I’ve cooked this month. I actually saved this one until last thinking he could just eat leftovers if he didn’t like it, but we were both pleasantly surprised at the flavor. This recipe actually tasted to me like a sweet potato soaked in butter and sugar, and it uses neither of those. The red quinoa (besides being gorgeous) adds a nice nutty flavor to the veggies. I cooked the sweet potatoes until they were nice and mushy and left out the turnips.

Served alongside ED&BV‘s Lemon-Broiled Green Beans. These were G’s favorite. We gobbled them up so fast, I almost forgot to snap a photo. Nice and tangy – I suspect I might like quinoa made with lemony sauce as well …

Early bday wishes go out to our friend R, who we’ll be seeing tomorrow night at the new favorite San Fran hotspot, District. Cross your fingers I remember my camera so we can finally get a review going this time. It’s almost the weekend!

6 responses to “Vegan Dinner Eats Take Three

  1. Glad you enjoyed the quinoa!

  2. Holy moly that looks DELICIOUS!

    Also – I make that green bean recipe with asparagus and it’s SO good! šŸ™‚

    Happy Friday!

  3. Yum and Yum! Both look soo good. Good job working on the vegan diet. So many wonderful recipes I have been seeing are from ED&BV, I think it’s time I pick that book up.

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