Eggplant Pasta alla Alanna

As you may have guessed from the title, this recipe comes from my friend named Alanna. Well not directly from her, but from her new cookbook, The Frugal Foodie, where it’s actually called Eggplanta Pasta alla Siciliana.

Alanna is the only person I’ve known in real life (so not through a blog) who is cool enough to have her own cookbook, which was co-written with her boyfriend, Alex. Together, they started the blog,, all about their adventures in culinary foodie-ism as graduate students. If you want to see some truly beautiful photos of food, check out their blog. The two Als met while working on their school paper where Alanna was the News Editor and Alex was the Senior Photo Editor. Perfect combination for an artistically-photographed and fun to read blog.

Since we’ve both known Alanna for many years, my mother gifted me The Frugal Foodie cookbook this year for Christmas and it took me approximately one week to pick out and cook one of the recipes. I’ve followed their blog and seen Alex’s unbelievable pictures so I knew the food had to be good. And it was:

Obviously, you’ll need to purchase their book to get the recipe yourself, but let me offer my glowing recommendation. It opens with an introductory section from A&A featuring general frugal cooking tips and ideas for stocking a frugal kitchen. My favorite tip that I use myself all the time: “Purchase different grades of ingredients.” I always use that tip with olive oil since I blow through a regular bottle every other week just for cooking and prefer to save the good stuff for drizzling on salads. As you can see in the photo, they’ve included the cost, number of servings, and cost per serving for each recipe. Great book for the aspiring foodie you know.

And here’s another tip, don’t forget to enjoy your Eggplant Alla Siciliana properly with a little vino.

10 responses to “Eggplant Pasta alla Alanna

  1. two fat al’s…lol. Cute! That dish looks delicious, too!

  2. That looks yum, and thanks for the website heads-up. I’m all over good food photos.

  3. wow looks great and their blog looks cool! Love your polish btw =)

  4. to the amazon wish list it goes. Great review, great dinner!

  5. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    i love eggplant but i’m never able to cook it well on my own – this looks amazing!

    • eggplant is one of my absolute favorite things to make – let me know if you ever want recipes! The key is to salt them and take out the bitterness.

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