Vegan Grocery Shop

Thank you all for your encouraging comments on my previous post about going vegan for January! The food blogging community is more supportive than I ever imagined and it makes me smile just thinking about it. Last night was officially the first test as we checked out Betelnut, an asian-fusion restaurant that was actually recommended to me months ago by a reader. One Yelp reviewer “dreams of their green beans” so it wasn’t exactly difficult to pick out vegan-friendly options. (By the way, it was all unbelievable. Super fun atmosphere, not too expensive, and mouth-watering tasty.)

The real pain came today watching Week 17 Football when I had to chose a wilted salad while G polished off a plate of buffalo wings. I love buffalo wings. First realization of the experiment: it is much easier and more enjoyable to eat vegan food you’ve cooked yourself. Which brings me to the great grocery shop of 2010.  Here is what we had in our fridge to begin with:

Pecorino-Romano on the left, leftover bubbly on the right, “staples” (bud light and condiments) in the door. FYI, you should be refrigerating your sesame oil since it doesn’t keep as well as say, soy sauce. Of all people, I learned that from Ms. Yummo herself.

Lettuce, spinach, carrots, celery, eggplants, garlic, sweet potato, onions, tomatoes, lemons, portabella, white mushrooms, pasta, ezekial bread, avocados, green beans, canned tomatoes, veggie stock, G's bread, chicken, cheese.

Here’s the shopping haul for a completely empty fridge. Amazingly, this was approx. $10 LESS than we normally spend at the grocery store and we had zero leftovers/staples to tide us over. This doesn’t include the lentils/grains I grabbed from the bulk bin at Real Foods, but covers pretty much everything else. Something I’ve heard over and over again and never really believed – it IS a lot cheaper to eat vegetarian/vegan.

When I bought the lentils, I accidentally poured out two pounds because bulk bins are tricky. I told the cashier that I didn’t actually want that much and his response was, “You can never have too many lentils.” So true my friend, so true.

11 responses to “Vegan Grocery Shop

  1. Looks like a great vegan grocery trip! One of my friends just yesterday was asking if it was expensive to cook the way my hub and I do (in a kind of “gourmet” vegetarian way), and I told her that we’ve actually been spending LESS since going veg!

  2. I think I may have recommended Betelnut because it is one of my favorite places! Glad you liked it too. you have so many amazing food options up North. In So Cal food is just not as good.

  3. *runs to put sesame seed oil in the fridge*

    Yay I am going to do my best to be vegan as much a s I can this month as well! You will be my inspiration!

  4. I too will be running to put my sesame oil in my fridge. Great tip!

  5. Great shop!!!

    I have noticed that since going veg, the grocery bills aren’t AS bad, the bulk of it is restocking the produce. I do still buy reg food for Toady, but when it’s done for only one person it does save some. Our cart was about as full as the woman in front of us, a little less, but we spent $100 less. (she had a TON of convenience prepackaged foods).

    Do you have menus planned with these items? Is G going to try veg too? (I’m guessing not with the chicken and cheese).

  6. Good luck going vegan! Looks like you got lots of good produce. 🙂

  7. Lentils are so useful! I agree, you can never have too many! 🙂 Love the challenge!

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