Tonight, I tried out a particular squash I’ve been seeing all over the blogosphere lately. Kabocha!

Not to be confused with another love affair of mine, Kombucha.

I initially thought they were related, but apparently that was just a fantasy.

We were planning on the standard sweet potato, butternut squash, or carrot fries, but I noticed this on sale, California-grown, organic relative of a pumpkin and decided to switch it up. I love home made “fries” on game night. They taste even better WHEN YOU WIN.

Let’s pause your regularly scheduled program for a public service announcement. Congratulations to the Browns. I mean really. If anyone deserves this win, it’s the Browns’ fans. They are one of very few teams who have never won a Super Bowl. I know some of you are Steelers fans (because they’re everywhere, like frekin’ Cowboys fans) but let’s all put aside our differences and join together to praise the Browns.

Moving on.

I cooked this delicious squash according to the more experienced Heather. Clean thoroughly. Slice in half. Then cut into slices like a cantalope, about one inch thick. Roast at 425 degrees for 40 minutes.

I couldn’t find any flavoring suggestions so I went with my gut, and trial & error. I made 3/4 with a typical olive oil, cracked sea salt, cumin mixture all sprinkled on top before roasting (added a little garam masala at the end too because I was feeling Indian flavors). It was tasty.

Buuuut the winning combination was undoubtedly the olive oil, agave nectar, cinnamon in the second batch. Deliciosa.

Kabocha is not as sweet as butternut squash. (Not as hard to cut either). It’s not even as sweet as sweet potato. It’s just all it’s own flavor. And I have to echo Jenna on this one – the crispy, flavorful skin is the best part.

7 responses to “ChaChaCha-Kabocha

  1. I love Kabocha! I love Kabocha soup…yuM!

  2. Go Browns.

    Love love love the kabocha squash. I currently have 5 sitting on my counter, and they will be gone soon. So glad you found one and that you enjoyed it. Your seasonings sound yummy, especially the second batch. 🙂

  3. I have been trying to find a kabocha too after reading so much online. This is the first year that I have really eaten squash and I kind of want to try as many varieties as I can.

    And every time I read a blog that talks about Kombucha I alway get confused until i see the picture of what they are talking about. Oops!

    • There were a ton of them along with the other kinds of squash at the grocery store. Might depend on where you live though …

      I want to try acorn squash next!

  4. LOL! I thought they were the same too! Hahah I can’t keep up.

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