Thanksgiving in Wine Country Recap

Finally! A full recap of the Thanksgiving feast and trip to Sonoma. I’m most excited to tell you about our tour of the biodynamic, organic, sustainable Benzinger Family Winery (coming up in next post) but lets get the food porn out of the way first.


Vegetarians may want to scroll down past the first picture. Or maybe just skip on to the wine post. Yes, that picture is of the turkey neck and giblets. And it made the best gravy EVER. I would eat vegetarian every day for the rest of my life if I could just have this gravy once a year.

Next, the bird in all its glory:

Try not to be too jeal that I have leftovers in my fridge RIGHT NOW.

Sides included mashed yukon gold potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes with candied pecans, WF cranberry sauce, and Barefoot Contessa asparagus and sugar snap peas. I highly suggest that Contessa recipe, btw. I first had it made by a friend and it impresses me every time yet is super easy and healthy.

But dessert, oh dessert. Without question the most over-the-top, decadent, I will need to eat raw vegetables every meal for the rest of my life to make up for this, Paula Dean pumpkin pie. I’m not even linking to the recipe because my mom wouldn’t let me see it so I don’t know what’s in it. But that’s homemade whipped cream and pecan brittle on top.

Ahhh. That concludes the T-giving spectacular. On to the wine!

4 responses to “Thanksgiving in Wine Country Recap

  1. veggie and all I still think the food looks fab!

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