Full Review: The Road

Watch the official trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbLgszfXTAY. Embedding is annoyingly disabled.

As you know, last night I had the opportunity to screen a sneak preview of The Road starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron (to a lesser extent – she only appears in flashbacks). It opens November 25th.

To preface, I hadn’t read the book, hadn’t honestly really heard about the book, and the only thing I knew about the movie consisted of a fluffy photo shoot I’d seen a few months back with Viggo and his young costar, 11-year-old Australian Kodi Smit-McPhee. Prior to seeing the film, however, I check out the LA Times article and even though I’m not a fan of the publication, it’s a super interesting read if only for the explanations of how Viggo prepared for filming a post-apocalyptic movie (ex: he followed homeless men while on publicity tours). If you weren’t a fan of his before, you will be now. Actually all the acting is pretty much terrific though my favorite cameo has to be The Wire’s Omar. Sorry guy, you’ll always be the thief with a shotgun for me.

The Road reminds me the most of 28 Day Later. It gets under your skin; you feel traumatized, sick to your stomach (I threw out my junior mints about 10 minutes in), but alarmingly affected. You want to keep watching. Why, oh why, do you want to keep watching?

It probably has a lot to do with the connection you feel to Father and Son (unnamed in the movie and the book). You want them to succeed. To continue the comparison, you want the 28 days of apocalypse to end favorably and tie up nicely. Plus, for me, the part that connects me most to films like The Road, Children of Men, etc. is the characters’ desperate instinct for self preservation. How would you react at the supposed end of the world? Would you keep on fighting? Would you be ready to let go? Tough questions for a popcorn night at the movies, but moving and jarring and unforgettable.

Do not go to this movie as a date movie. Prepare to be sickened, scared, and potentially have nightmares (depending how how you’re wired). I love and own Children of Men, but I every time 28 Days Later comes on TV I find myself watching it, flipping to mute every time I get too scared. This analogy is overused, but it’s like not being able to turn away from a car crash, I have to watch it.

There is cannibalism in this movie. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that, but it’s a little different watching it, which of course, is the point. I’m trying to figure out who even to recommend this movie to because really, when are you ever in the mood for something like this, but I guess whenever you’re looking to be a little creeped out, shaken, and moved, go check out this movie. Just make sure you take someone with you because you will not want to walk home alone in the dark.

8 responses to “Full Review: The Road

  1. I think I stated this earlier, but I LOVE that book. It is so raw and compelling.

  2. Hey there, i stumbled on your blog while searching for rubios nutrition info. I haven’t gone all the way to the beginning, but I what I’ve seen so far I really like! And you have great photo-header taste! 🙂

    I really want to see this movie. I read the book, but honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I can appreciate the unique writing style and it definitely moved me. But it was so dark. I wasn’t going to see the movie, but I can’t help myself because it is an interesting story and because I love Viggo!


  3. Hi LC,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I was inspired by your picatta recipe from a few days ago and made something similar. I will let you know when I post about my dish later this week and will of course mention your recipe as my influence. :0)

  4. thanks for the review! I really want to see this!

  5. Hey LC!!

    My bookclub read this book and I seriously cried my way through the end. I may see the movie if someone goes with me to hold my hand! Great meeting you @ Kath’s Dinner!

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