Aaaccentuate the Positive

Some life updates, accentuating all the positive aspects since I’m an eternal optimist.

Positive – I am gainfully employed!
Negative – I actually have to get up and go to work in the morning.
But Positive – I can buy more outrageously expensive exotic food stuffs from my new favorite store.

Positive – We bought a mattress that was delivered tonight (via Craigslist Bryan) and no longer have to sleep on our generic aero bed.
Negative – The mattress didn’t exactly come with a bedframe so we’re technically still sleeping on the floor.
But Positive – We now have two aero beds to combine into one makeshift couch.

Really. I’m sitting on it right now and it’s remarkably comfortable when you compare it to sitting on the floor and leaning up against the wall.

Positive – I have an office at work with a sunny view of downtown San Francisco.
Negative – My desk may or may not have been lacking in the cleanliness dept. and I spent part of my morning properly de-swinefluing it. My office mate probably thinks I’m obsessed with the smell of clorox.
But Positive – I picked up some chocolate on my lunch break and my desk is now fully stocked with snack/treat options. Which is essential considering my stomach has now growled in at least one meeting a day in the two days I’ve been working. I don’t think I’m used to not being able to eat as soon as I’m hungry anymore.

Positive – I brought a delicious lunch of my standard salad + homemade dressing + awesomely perfectly ripe avocado that was super cheap.
Negative – Tonight we had to resort to canned soup, thereby messing up my post for the evening.
But Positive – I did whip up a quick raw lettuce-less appetizer salad with the leftovers of said dressing.

Positive – My parents and I are going to wine country for Thanksgiving (my first trip!) and I will be sure to have excellent photos/descriptions of our tasting adventures.
Negative – Sadly missed out on this excellent adventure with the always excellent LW.
But Positive – At least I can enjoy an alternate beverage in the meantime.

Positive – G’s brother is in town all the way from VA for a conference and we’re going out to dinner!
And Another Positive – My new employers are also movie producers. Their first movie is coming out, The Road, and we get to go to a sneak preview this week!
And A Final Positive – Thanks to all my blog readers and commenters! It’s been really fun getting to know you.

10 responses to “Aaaccentuate the Positive

  1. LOL! Cute post very reminiscent of mama pea who I love. COngrats on the new job!!! that is awesome! Film producers?? FUN! ANd thanksgiving in wine country sounds awesome! Where are you going?? If you need any recs let me know.

  2. Congrats on the job! And the bed. 🙂

  3. Did you read the Book, THE ROAD ?

    Some people in my book club loved it, personally I couldn’t get into it.

    Love the Positives! Stay that way!

  4. The Road is one of my favorite books of all time! So excited to see it’s becoming a movie.

    You really downsized that much?! Any tips or pointers you can send my way? How did you decide what was necessary to keep and what to pitch?!

  5. First of all, congrats on the new job!!! Will call you tonight for updates 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out. This post made me smile.

  6. Lauren I love your blog! And the Road is excellent. Not for the light of heart though. Congratulations on the new job, and so sorry you and Jeff won’t make the feast here on the east coast. Perhaps I can send you pics on facebook. miss you Mike and Linda

    • Ahhhh, will you take pictures and do a guest post??? I just thought of this. It will be a mammoth post but maybe we can space it out over 7 days? I’ll email you about it.

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