Pita Pizzas

One of the first meals G and I ever started “cooking” together was Pita Pizzas. They’re healthy, tasty, and really remind you of a college-style way of cooking (read: easy). Plus as Syracuse grads used to NY pizza, we were sometimes frustrated with the DC pizza options and usually preferred to make our own at home. Of course, this place opened right before I left.

The best part about making your own pizza, though, is that it’s completely customizable. Behold, G and my alternate pizza egos. (Mine is on sprouted tortilla minus the cheese). So feel free to experiment and discover what you like best.

Pita Pizzas

Serves two. Makes 4 pita pizzas.

Whole wheat pitas
Olive oil
Canned pizza sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese (optional)
Red pepper flakes
Garlic Salt
Dried Oregano
Dried Basil
Sliced roma tomato
Kalamata olives, pitted and halved
Half an onion, sliced
Half a green pepper, sliced
Half an eggplant, sliced thinly
6 cremini mushrooms, sliced (optional)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat and add eggplant, onions, and pepper slices. Season with spices and cook until just tender. Note: They will not be in the oven long enough to really cook so make sure you cook them enough that you would eat them like this. Add the mushrooms (if using) almost at the end as they will cook quickly.

Arrange your pitas (or tortilla) on a baking sheet and spread with sauce. Add tomato slices and additional seasonings. Next, add cheese (if using). Arrange your choice of cooked vegetables and olives on top. Cook at 350 degrees until cheese has melted and pita is crispy. Sprinkle grated pecorino romano on top if desired.

According to the Federal Government, last year, one out of every seven Americans didn’t have enough to eat. Another good reason to check out Katie’s Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness.

6 responses to “Pita Pizzas

  1. I love using pitas instead of regular pizza dough!

  2. Your pita pizzas look amazing! Thanks so much for the comment! I am excited to start reading your blog!
    🙂 Ali

  3. nice—salute

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