Giving Back


A fellow food blogger, Katie, is donating all of her November blog earnings to charity, and you can help! All you have to do to increase the funds is visit her blog – that’s it. Foodbuzz pays her for every page view, and the $ she gets for your view will go straight to The Enough Project.

As we get closer to the holidays, I know everyone starts to think about ways to help others. Here’s something easy, simple, and free you can do today.

In other news, I just got cable (!) so now I can stay in my pjs all day long and surf the internet, read food blogs, research furniture on craigslist. The perks to having cable include finally getting to see the new commercial which totally made my morning. I love that Canadian.

I’m working on compiling a good bank of recipes I want to share and now that we’re starting to get more settled, I’m excited to have more recipes with pictures and step-by-steps. Thanks for bearing with me during this crazy time as we sleep on a generic aero bed and eat on the floor. It will get better!

One response to “Giving Back

  1. her operation kindness is such a great idea, she is sweetie. I love how everyone on blogs is looking to make a positive change!

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