Planet Earth Lunch Break

Unfortunately, there’s a brief delay on our Football Sunday guest post and I blame the Yankees. G promises we’ll have it soon, and from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be very “meaty.” I need to get some serious veggie posts up here before people start getting the wrong idea.

This afternoon G and I enjoyed the beautiful weather at lunch along the embarcadero. We were joined by some friends!

Webster the Seagull

Webster (he has a girlfriend and we can’t tell them apart so they’re both pretty much Webster) and …..

Sea Lion

My first sea lion!! I’ve been waiting to see them since we got here and not only was this guy hanging out, playing around and catching fish, his friend came to join along with some huge pelicans. The sea lions were jumping full out of the water as the pelicans did nose dives, coming up with fish. VERY planet earth. I could almost hear Sigourney Weaver narrating in the background.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a dish I think my friends today would have really enjoyed:


Mmmmm, so unbelievably tasty. Recipe for Shrimpies Casserole coming up soon!

2 responses to “Planet Earth Lunch Break

  1. can i make the casserole with something other than shrimp? Remember those who are shell-fish challenged?

    • Maybe you could use chicken? You’d want to brown it up on the stove first, though, since the shrimp cooks so much faster. I think this would also be good with just more veggies over couscous. It’s really the spices that make it so tasty.

      I did forget about the shell-fish challenged 🙂

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