A Sushi Halloween

Unfortunately, I’m a bad blogger and I didn’t get a good picture of my costume. Suffice to say, I was sushi, it was homemade, and it looked a little something like this:


Also I had a headband with pink fabric for “ginger” which is so cute I think I might just start wearing it around. And chopsticks through my hair.

All of this was inspired by my favorite sushi spot in San Fran, Naked Fish, which provided the necessary costume chopsticks free of charge. Everyone and their mother is obsessed with Zushi Puzzle but I find Naked Fish to be a little lighter on the rice, and more of a sushi “bar” experience. The disclaimer is both of these sushi spots are in the marina and I haven’t even ventured out to Japantown yet, so I’m sure my best San Fran sushi experience is still out there waiting for me. But for now, I’m pretty happy at Naked Fish, open late night, moderately priced saki, and unbelievable dragon rolls.


Check back later tonight (or early Mon for you East Coasters) for a Football Sunday recipe post. Big day in sports as the Giants play the Eagles and the Yankees take on the Phillies again tonight. Got to go get my gear!

3 responses to “A Sushi Halloween

  1. I need to see pics of this costume! Sounds like it was a blast. Miss you guys!

  2. I would have loved to see a sushi costume!

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