LC Arrives in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Welcome to “Let Them Eat Lentils,” a brand new food blog in the already over-crowded arena of food blogs. I’m hoping this site will be a great place to go to for tasty recipes, wine suggestions, dining and bar recommendations, and a little about my new life on the West Coast. The significance of the name is … I really like lentils. But lucky you, you’ll learn more about them later.

G and I arrived in San Francisco in the dark with the fog completely obscuring the bridge (this picture is from the following day). It was the first time I’d ever seen SF and I swear, I thought the fog was beautiful. It was exhilarating to see my new home for the first time the day we pulled in with everything we owned packed in the trunk of a Honda Accord.

Let’s see where the road takes us!


4 responses to “LC Arrives in San Francisco

  1. Can’t wait to read more 🙂 Sending you both lots of love from the East Coast!

  2. like reading a chapter in a new book…….wanna hear more!

  3. I see a new career for you in the future!

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